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PGA WEST Golf Academy

Learn more about the PGA WEST Golf Academy at www.PGAWESTGolfAcademy.com or by calling (760) 564-7144.

The goal at The PGA WEST Golf Academy is to offer the finest golf instruction in the world. With our resources at PGA WEST, The Western Home of Golf in America, that goal is a reality.

Golf instruction has blossomed into several components including: mental and physical well-being, custom club fitting, state of the art video analysis, sophisticated launch monitor systems, and on course instruction. At the PGA WEST Golf Academy, all of these components are taken into consideration to give the ultimate instructional experience. Each student will leave with a clear picture toward the path of improvement.

Golf Instruction
Every student will be given a clear picture of what it takes to get better.

Club Fitting
We provide the Tour Fitting experience for the average golfer.

Health and Wellness
We create a custom program for each student based on his or her body’s makeup.

Instructional Programs & Rates
Basic Private Lesson, 1 hour
Starting at $125

Coaching Session/Program, 1/2 Day, 4 hours
Starting at $450

Training Session/Program
1 Day, includes: 4 hours on the range, Lunch, 2 hour playing lesson
Starting at $750