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Go Green

Carbon and waste reducing policies at La Quinta Resort & Club.

Green Initiatives

The policies at La Quinta Resort & Club reduce our carbon footprint. From housekeeping services and landscaping, to restaurants and golf courses, we continuously evaluate how to enhance our green programs.

Recycling & Composting

  • Composting machine converts all leftover food into mulch
  • Composting of all grass at the resort and golf courses
  • Dedicated compactor for cardboard recycling
  • Filtered water runoff from composting machines is used for irrigation and filling up golf cart batteries
  • Recycling of old fluorescent bulbs and batteries, old motors, ACs, and anything containing copper or metal

Golf Courses

  • Audubon International Certification on all 9 golf courses at La Quinta Resort, PGA WEST and Citrus Club
  • Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) sprays insecticides and fungicides only when certain thresholds have been exceeded
  • Microbial program naturally reduces algae and assists with lowering the need for introduction of chemicals in our lakes
  • Slow release fertilizers/foliar fertilizers to avoid run-off
  • Recycling of on-course trash
  • Composting of clippings and tree branches
  • Audits of the current irrigation system
  • New VFD pump stations improve electric usage

Spa La Quinta

  • ZENTS – skincare and body care line made from all natural ingredients
  • Water conservation through minimizing wet-treatments
  • Aluminum and plastic recycling
  • Non-disposable body treatment aprons

Food and Beverage

  • Reduction and elimination of styrofoam products
  • Local and organic sourcing of pesticide-free food
  • Kitchen equipment that’s 60% more energy efficient


  • Sales, catering and convention services e-distribute correspondence to reduce paper usage
  • Old furnishings, linens, curtains and dishware are donated to local animal shelters
  • Linen and towel reuse program for multiple-night guests
  • Earth Day participation