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The Original Desert Hideaway

Discover the history of the Land of Eternal Sun.


Learn about the origins of La Quinta Resort & Club, the original and quintessential Palm Springs resort, now a famed retreat home to championship golf.

The Early 1920s

Enlisting the help of renowned architect Gordon B. Kauffman, with a vision to build a tranquil retreat capturing the essence of hacienda-style living, the first casitas and dining room of La Quinta Resort and Club took form.

  • Scores of artisan crafstmen assisted with the build
  • 10,000 hand-formed adobe bricks were crafted
  • Each 60, 000 original roof tiles were locally fired

A Desert Oasis for Hollywood Elite

Word quickly spread throughout Hollywood that Morgan’s desert oasis provided an escape from the limelight – and prying eyes – and many celebrities descended to La Quinta throughout the years.

  • Garbo enjoyed the seclusion
  • Gable rollicked with friends
  • Frank Capra found his “Shangri-La of screenwriting”

La Quinta Resort & Club Today

Now a relaxed playground for championship golf and tennis, fine dining, and blissful spa experiences, La Quinta Resort & Club remains the original desert hideaway and the quintessential Palm Desert resort.

  • Five championship golf courses
  • 41 onsite pools
  • Yoga and mindfulness retreats