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La Quinta Palm Springs Fitness

Staying on your fitness routine when away from home is easy at La Quinta Resort & Club with the state-of-the-art fitness center set centrally next to Spa La Quinta and the resort’s tennis facilities. With the latest cardio machines – most with individual video monitors to help pass the time – and a full range of weight-training equipment, your options are open and your time is yours. Looking for a more structured way to take in your exercise routine while away from home? Try one of our specially developed fitness classes incorporating some of the hottest new programs.




7am    Fitness Walk (Fitness Desk)
8:15am    Pilates (Studio TWO)
9:30am    Spin (Studio ONE)
11am      Water Fitness (1900s Pool)

7am    Fitness Walk (Fitness Desk)
8:15am      Pilates (Studio TWO)
9am      Spin (Studio ONE)
9:15am      Flow Yoga (Studio TWO)
10:15am      TRX Circuit (Studio TWO)
10:45am    Water Fitness (1900s Pool)

8am    Spin (Studio ONE)
9am    Spin (Studio ONE)
9am    Strength (Studio TWO)
10am    Pilates (Studio TWO)
11am    Core Circuit (Studio TWO)

7am    Fitness Walk (Fitness Desk)
8:15am      Core Circuit (Studio TWO)
9:15am      Warrior Yoga (Studio TWO)
10:15am    Yin Yoga (Studio TWO)
11:30am      Water Fitness (1900s Pool)

7am    Fitness Walk  (Fitness Desk)
8:15am    Cardio, Cuts, and Core  (Studio TWO)
9am      Spin (Studio ONE)
9:15am    Pilates (Studio TWO)
10:15am      Spin (Studio ONE)
10:15am      TRX Circuit (Studio TWO)
10:30am      Water Fitness (1900s Pool)
11:15am      Restorative Yoga (Studio TWO)

6:30am    Yoga Hike (Fitness Desk)
7:30am    Meditation (Studio TWO)
8am      Guided Power Bike Ride (Fitness Desk)
8:30am    Gentle Yoga (Studio TWO)
9am    Spin (Studio ONE)
9:30am    Power Yoga (Studio TWO)
10am      Guided Flat Bike Ride (Fitness Desk)
10:15am      Spin (Studio ONE)
10:30am    TRX Circuit (Studio TWO)
3pm    Yin Yoga (Studio TWO)

8am      Meditation (Studio TWO)
8am      Spin (Studio ONE)
9am    Gentle Yoga (Studio  TWO)
10am      Pilates (Studio TWO)

SPIN: This traditional spin class will combine all the best elements of the indoor cycling experience. All levels welcome!

WATER FITNESS: Keep your heart rate up, burn calories, and tone your entire body with this balanced water workout. The water provides support, assistance, and resistance to improve balance, enhance flexibility and restore mobility.

PILATES: Movements that increase flexibility and build core strength. Body weight is used for resistance in various positions and may include use of assistance of bands, balls, rings and bars.

STRENGTH: A full balanced workout that will build lean muscle and increase strength and overall stamina. May include TABATA’s, Intervals, TRX, and Functional Movement exercises using bands, kettle bells, bars, dumbbells, battle ropes and other fitness props.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: It’s time to reduce the stress in your body and mind with this east-to-follow series of restorative yoga poses. Relaxation is just a few breaths away!

FLOW YOGA: A dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing form of yoga that sculpts, hones, and tones every muscle in the body linking one movement into the next and the presence of mind from one moment to the next.

GUIDED BIKE RIDE: Join us on a guided bike ride along the shared walking and biking trail based at the Santa Rosa Mountains. Please arrive 15 minutes early to set up for tour. Limited to 10 riders. Fitness level: Moderate due to inclination on the trail.

MEDITATION and OUTDOOR MEDITATION: Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. Start your morning with a guided meditation session that will incorporate oxygenating breathing techniques. Outdoor Meditation performed outdoors on property when weather permits.

YOGA HIKE: This invigorating 90-minute class combines a fitness walk through the back nine of the Mountain Golf Course with 20 minutes of Yoga at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains at the 16th hole. The beauty of the desert is all around you and it’s the perfect way to start your day!

GENTLE YOGA: Incorporate breath with movement to lengthen and strengthen your body.

WARRIOR YOGA: This specialized class is a physical therapy that focuses equally on balance, strength and flexibility. This potent form of movement meditation promotes purification and union between body, mind and spirit.

YIN YOGA: Yin yoga is the fastest growing yet slowest-paced style of yoga with poses or asanas that are held for 3-5 minutes each for an optimum stretch.

CARDIO, CUTS, AND CORE: Interval session designed to challenge both the aerobic and anaerobic system focusing on core and strength.

FITNESS WALK: This 2.7 mile walk takes you on a tour of the back nine of our world famous Mountain Golf Course. You will climb the stairs to the top of the 16th hole and take in the  panoramic views of the Coachella Valley. Don’t forget your camera!

TRX CIRCUIT: Use the resistance of your own body weight to build long, lean and balanced muscles.

OUTDOOR CIRCUIT: Whether to build on athleticism for your next big event, or just to have fun, this class will take you through a variety of functional and sport specific circuits designed to build strength, agility, speed and balance. You’re sure to have a great workout as well as a good time doing it!

CORE CIRCUIT: Get your heart racing and blood pumping by going from one station to the next in timed intervals working on the abdominal muscles while using body movement, TRX, kettle bells and other fitness props. For all fitness levels.

POWER YOGA: Increased stamina, strength, and flexibility as well as stress reduction.