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Since 1926, La Quinta has been the ultimate Southern California hideaway.

La Quinta Resort & Club provided an idyllic location for creative freedom for legendary Hollywood royalty. Frank Capra penned some of his most famous work at La Quinta including It's A Wonderful Life

Before it became an oasis of lush gardens, La Quinta Resort & Club was just a 26 casita resort surrounded by the Palm Desert. 

As its vibrant history has unfolded, La Quinta Resort is now an expansive resort destination with 796 guestrooms, 41 swimming pools, 53 hot spas and championship-caliber golf and tennis facilities.

The History of La Quinta Resort

In the early 1920s, San Francisco businessman Walter H. Morgan was drawn to a place in the California desert that dwellers in these lands had long referred to as the Land of Eternal Sun. He envisioned a tranquil retreat that captured the essence of quiet hacienda-style living. Purchasing 1,400 acres from the native Cahuilla Indians, he enlisted the renowned architect Gordon Kaufman, along with scores of artisan craftsmen to make his dream a reality. From more than 100,000 hand-formed adobe bricks and 60,000 locally fired roof tiles, a small grouping of quaint casitas and a cozy dining room sprung up. Morgan called this place La Quinta.

Word quickly spread among Hollywood’s elite that Morgan’s oasis in the desert was a truly relaxing escape, far from the harsh glare of the limelight and away from prying eyes. The brightest stars came, each seeking the solitude of La Quinta for their own reasons. Garbo wanted to be alone. Gable came to rollick with friends. Frank Capra found creative inspiration and returned to his “Shangri-La of Screenwriting” again and again, eventually making it his home.

As the legends of stage, screen and industry came, the legend of La Quinta grew. While expanding into a relaxed playground for championship golf, world-class tennis, fine dining and blissful spa experiences, La Quinta has always remained a secluded hideaway in the desert and the quintessential California resort.