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Dog friendly La Quinta Resort & Club is the perfect place for the whole family.

Amenities at the Resort

Pet Friendly Door Hanger
Top 10 Traveling Tips for Vacationing with Your Pet
Helpful Info Guide with In-House and Nearby Attractions
Resort Map Marked Doggie Relief Stations

Amenities in your Casita

Oversized Pet Bed
Pet Placemat
Stainless Steel Bowls for Food and Water


La Quinta Resort has always been pet friendly, but now we’ve taken that up a notch with the launch of our PAWS La Quinta pet experience. PAWS La Quinta is a completely new approach to pet friendly accommodations. We make your pets feel comfortable and welcome throughout their entire experience at the resort; from the moment you arrive, to the moment you check in to your casita, to the moments you share while enjoying a stroll with your furry friend throughout our spacious grounds.

Our pet fee is only $100 per pet and includes special pet amenities at the resort and in your casita. For information about our Paws La Quinta program, please call 760-564-4111.

With over 45 acres of open grounds, casitas and suites with private walled patios and yards, and all the amenities of PAWS La Quinta, your favorite canine family member will be able to enjoy La Quinta Resort as much as you do!

In Room Pet Massage 

At La Quinta Resort, you come to unwind, relax and rest, not only your body but also your mind. In order for us to be the world-class destination we are, we go a step further and offer the finest in relaxation treatments for your pet as well. We offer hour-long relaxation massages for your dog, and we offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a massage at the same time as your pet, in the comfort of your guest room. We will also show you how to most effectively and correctly massage your dog, to help him or her lead a happier and healthier life. Your dog will love you for it. When was the last time you spent an hour with your pet, breathing with and showing your affection for him or her? We lower the lights and put on some doggie string music (Lassie's favorites) to let our canine guests relax and be with the person they love most. This is a true bonding experience for the both of you.